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Unreasonable at Sea day 39-41


Today we woke up and we went to grab a bunch of stuff that we needed. We first went to the electronics store which is a whole “warehouse” area with a bunch of electronics and other stuff mixed in, like hardware stores and stuff. Although it is perhaps really cheap, it is somewhat difficult to find specific items. Bargaining is important.

As we returned and approached the ship, I realized how much dirt had drifted down with the current! And it grew over the course of the day, so much.




And then we built / redid the boat in preparation for tomorrow, testing Protei in the water in Vietnam. I fixed the battery packs that have corroded IMG_7809smfx IMG_7802smfx

and finally, we were able to integrate the arduino microcontroller motor shield with the electronics and the winches. IMG_5767

IMG_7815smfx IMG_7820smfx IMG_7827smfx

Then we realized the sun was coming up:





We head out with boat and bike and equipment and media team. And yay to the year of the dragon.

IMG_7848smfx IMG_7847smfx

First we walked to a “lake” as per the “offline maps”. But we saw no lake, only this: IMG_7852smfx

We met lymai, a very kind generous woman from this small village who had moved to Australia. Now she was home for the holidays, but she was so kind to help us find some water body.


Her daughter was here also, as was her sister.


Then we found the water: IMG_7858smfx IMG_7859smfx

and we met some kids IMG_7862smfx We took a water sample, then head off the lake ho tri anh.

We drove two hours north to the lake. The roads got emptier, but the biking was a bit faster.

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Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 10.00.15 PM

IMG_7896smfx IMG_7914smfx

So we arrived and got the boat ready for testing.

IMG_7920smfx IMG_7923smfx IMG_7924smfx

IMG_7917smfx Protei lake ho tri anh IMG_7930smfx Protei lake ho tri anh IMG_7933smfx Cesar Protei lake ho tri anh IMG_7934smfx

And here we took some water samples with the opflex IMG_7929smfx

And then we started sailing:

Protei lake ho tri anh IMG_7945smfx

Protei lake ho tri anh IMG_7938smfx

Protei in Vietnam
Then we head back, and grabbed some pho after we returned the bikes. Then we went back to the ship, went to sleep, and overslept a little bit until the next day.


We each gave our pitches and Tom Chi gave a workshop. The workshop was somewhat interesting, People seemed to have a bit of trouble adhering to the time boundaries during the 26 minute prototyping session, and were asking lots of questions rather than beginning to prototype. But we got some information that was helpful : it is difficult to start a company, takes a long time in Vietnam, lots of legal overhead, and you have to find a Vietnamese partner; Penetrating the government in order to get permission to market and implement our technology is also slow and not so easy; There are a lot of companies including NGO’s that are trying to implement preventative techniques around spaces where industries are causing water pollution due to runoff;

tom chi slideshow IMG_7987smfx

Then we went out to lunch at Phong Tra Khong Ten with Milton Hagler & Anh-Tuan Le from Living Simple, Nicolas Griffon from Godet Antarctica Icy Cognac…

anhtuan & milton &

Finally we returned to the ship, bought some weird crackers before doing so, had a “bbq” on the ship, and then in the morning, worked a little bit to wrap up Vietnam, then took off in the morning for Singapore.

ALSO just some reminiscent stuff from Japan:

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