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Unreasonable at Sea day 34

Today was Lucille’s (tom chi’s wife) birthday and we gave her a Protei Sweatshirt. Tom yesterday had made a nice card for her with a drawing of her face.



We formed a quick Huddle about “what are your goals in port of Ho Chi Minh”?
For Protei: catch up on work: china / japan report, license, website, logistics / admin / accountancy
-find out about activism around water related issues, coastal issues about chemicals in the water; people who know about chemical runoff etc (academics? )
-find out about manufacturing landscape in vietnam, including cost and accessibility

Abi from Nike Foundation led a session about Branding. IMG_7626smfx IMG_7625smfx

Some of her messages:
you are keepers of your own brand; use your intuition; have a bit of a brief;

1. what is your brand’s genetic code: it’s DNA – think Values?
2. Who is your core audience, how do you resonate with them?
3. Who are you – what are your human attributes: good, bad AND the ugly, ie what is your “personality”
4. What do you stand for: be clear, stay true
5. Do you have a mantra? or a mission?
–>starting with your audience helps
-how will your brand affect the values of your company?
6. hat are you good at? not everything – promise and deliver one thing only
7. Who are your friends, that define you or connect you;
8. Be your own guardian, truest your intuition

Then we had the 2nd Tom Chi Brainstorming session for the book. Here Cesar has started the documentation.



kidsboat – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.



Later in the evening was a reception upstairs to welcome new folks on the ship, with some “vietnamese” food and drink.


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