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Unreasonable at Sea day 26

So – instead of deciding to take a motor bike from Shanghai down to Hong Kong, we realized that we need to get there ASAP – reason is:
it is the Chinese new Years starting on the 9th. Therefore, companies are starting to take vacation on the 7th. We REALLY want to meet Seeed studios and other companies that can give us leads and insight into manufacturing and sourcing electronics in China.

workshop 13:

Goals: for company, port, connections


Objectives: connections:

For company:

1. see manufacturing capabilities

2. see the market – what is it like in China for parts we might be looking for? for industry, like robotics

3. What are creative tech teams like in China and how would Protei fit in

who: provider for vacuum forming; embassy : chamber of commerce; hong kong or shanghai

3 minute pitches in Shanghai: 3 minute element – keep human element, insight about your tech; what makes it different so that it’s going to work

slides due tomorrow at 8 am



greetings, protei 2013

google x; pentacle of pentacle of the pentacle, but one billion people that don’t have access to the basics, so going back to the bottom of a greater mountain

–>front raw to statistics meaning. 9 millions access to clean water.

class A activity–>Ways of thinking: rate based goals: 15 hardware prototypes per week: we are going to learn on behalf of humanity how these things will happen; i know exactly what this will look like

Failure: a little dark spot on your mind:


Planning for china:

–>shanghai: hacker space; Ideo; port; 

–>hong Kong: hobby king ; maquin; cynthia. school; 

–>schenzhen:  seeed;  

–> fly, motorbike, or boat to vietnam?

–>photos of japan and pitch : any footage?


IMG_7061_smfx IMG_7062_smfx IMG_7082_smfx IMG_7080_smfx IMG_7078_smfx

We stayed up late working on slides:
IMG_7085smfx IMG_7089smfx Then we pulled down the river and saw the shanghai lights at around 4:30 am IMG_7095smfx

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