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Unreasonable at Sea day 13

Woke up, saw the sun rise, it was super today, poking brightly out from behind the horizon. It was nice.

Workshop 6:
Shira and Cynthia: in port logistics: best estimate about getting off the ship is 1 pm in Japan

-3 PM to 8PM Tokyo event – Yokohama to Tokyo, train back : Major VC’s, MIT media lab, 200+ person venue; business casual to business
-Tokyo = simultaneous translation – know the audience; showcase your business strategy to date

DANIEL: the art of powerful relationships: Networking

Out of the office is where relationships really flourish
-networking is perceived as slimy,
It’s about being human…

Act as if they’re the most interesting person in the room and it’s your job to find out WHY
Robert frost: we all have an irresistible desire to be desired

BEST deal, in an email plea: is to say i’m blindly confident that you are that persona and would insider it a privilege to better get to know you (even for just 15 minutes)
I am looking to meet people whoa are leaders in the field of bla bla bla

LISTEN is super important; body language changes how you listen and how others feel compared to you

GO STRAIGHT into vulnerability, and what you DONT know: what is the diff between perception and reality

Brene Brown, watch the ted talk: be vulnerable, transparent, stoked. I disagree with some of this

What if you lose your energy to tell the same story over and over again
how do you remind yourself that it is so interesting

Recovery time is the secret to being a great athlete
-mismatch between what you love and what the world thinks you love it

How to build relationships with people, that isn’t just over a transaction but can lead to deeper transactions
Be yourself: don’t follow a formula

Ask for help, totally necessary – game where they put people blindfolded into a horse bin and they could only get out if they got help;Always give myself something to follow up on, continue a conversation, like george costaza, follow up until you get an answer; please please forgive me, we value persistence in the face of potential failure – and we would be so thrilled to..

Take aways – make a deliverable, bullet point, then follow up

Say Thank You

Then we had a meeting with Daniel, and it was super helpful. For Japan we need:
1. a pitch (6’40”);
2. a 2 pager on Protei, including our marketing pitch for taking on a partner / sponsor
3. a prototype

We are allowed to use the 2nd floor to develop the prototypes; this is amazing, truly.

Then we had a meeting with the students:


I’ll write more about all this alter, tired now…


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