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I built the beginning of a BEAM robot: it moves in the light. Using a blinking LED as a diode that allows it to pulse rhythmically. I’m using a small capacitor (2200 uF), but using a clamp light, the solar panel charges to about 4.5 V.

here is my circuit:

I’d like to use an oscilloscope to see more of what’s going on.

I used this circuit from this site

Here are some helpful links for the BEAM photopopper I hope to build:
Solarbotics tutorials
Beam circuits
Fred Photopopper
another Fred Photopopper tutorial

I’d like it to look something like this, and be a smart BEAM (that moves towards the light)
fred photopopper

Maybe my BEAM can even have this FM receiver circuit, for, say, a microphone, so it will respond to sound?

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