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Animal Character Sheet

See description:

Write a brief describing the environment in which this character lives and inteacts with others-
are you/it contemporary? urban? do you live in a filthy cave or a sterile test tube or your current apartment?
who are your friends family? enemies?

The Ajolote (Bipes biporus) is a legless lizard, with segmented skin and two forelegs. This particular one, named Suitcase Mernie Pipe was transported from his usual sandy desert home to a technicolor space environment. He resides in space, in gaseous environments. When he burrows, he moves by peristalsis, like an earthworm, and when he scurries across the surface of an object, he pulls himself forwards using his forelegs.

SMP has a very calm persona, and is very easygoing. He has mutated to be extremely adaptable, and now takes on the color of his surrounding. Because he lives in a neon gaseous environnment, his skin color often resembles that of over-saturated neon ooze. Scientists often wonder why his skin color mimics his surroundings, because he has no natural predators, and little need to be camouflage. However, it seems that the Ajolote uses his bright appearance to lure in prey.

The Ajolote travels often, by slithering through the thick gaseous atmosphere. He can grow and shrink to fit in with his surroundings. When he visits earth, he can fit in a human hand. Sometimes, however, when hovering above the earth’s atmosphere, he can grow almost as large as the earth itself. He does not smile often, but that does not mean he is not having a good time.

This Ajolote is a very hungry creature. He most often feeds on technicolor naked mole rats, but he enjoys feasting on fruit if it is available.

He enjoys baseball, going on dates, and parties.

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