Two Biomimetic Examples

1. The biomimetic example I love – Esplanade Theatre in Singapore

Singapore is a tropical country, where heat has been one of the biggest challenges for architects.  Esplanade Theatre’s Durian-like design uses its mental spikes to keep out of the heat.  In addition to the Durian-like design’s advantage of providing shades, the typical tropical fruit also represents Singapore’s geographical traits and culture well.  I love it because it was great to learn the nature’s beauty from Durian’s ugly or even scary appearance.

2. The biomimetic example I hate – Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, China

Despite for the aesthetic appeal of the bird’s-nest-like design, which does not represent China or Beijing particularly clear, the biomimicry does not serve any functional needs.  Instead, the architect has to find a special metal for supporting and controlling the temperature.  I hate it because the biomimicry used here does not solve any problems but create more, losing the core of biomimicry.

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