Examples of interfaces

Train Ticket Machine

There is a language option in the main page, so it’s very helpful for me to switch the language in the beginning. When it goes to payment page, there is a clicking sound from the insertion slot. I guessed it is for reminding me to wait for the change, but it’s a bit annoying that it clicking many times.



Toilet ticket machine

There are two machines to go into the restroom in main station. One is for buying tickets; the other one is for scanning tickets and open the entrance.

I like the scanning machine very much; it projects a red line that triggers you to align the barcode on the ticket with it. When you success to scan, you will hear the sound of beeping, and the door will open.

DSCN3103 DSCN3104

Change Machine in Supermarket

I was a bit confused about why there are two big holes on the top, and I prefer to put my coins to the bigger hole. (The funnel shape triggers me to get rid of small coins in my pocket) After paying, Frankie and I waited for 1mins for our change. It comes from the button. For me, the process is a bit slow and the clerk don’t even care if we get the change or not?

change machine




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