Biomimcry Examples


The Velcro designed by the Swiss engineer George de Mestral is one of the finest examples of Innovation by chance. It mimics the surface of a burr seed with tiny hook like structures that attach themselves to fur or cloth to facilitate dispersal of seeds.




The Tynant PET bottle designed by Ross Lovegrove seems to be a farce on Biomimetic design. The shape of the bottle emulates the fluid form of water and claims to be easier to hold than a normal PET bottle. According to personal experience, I find no significant difference in the ergonomics when compared to a regular PET bottle. On the contrary if not held in the right position the bottle can be quite inconvenient to use. Apart from aesthetic value the product bears no real function making it rather unnecessary especially if one considers the amount of time/money spent on designing+producing the bottle.

tynant sketch bottle

Maybe, it would be worth the effort if he had taken the challenge further and produced bottles out of Ice like the recent Coca-Cola bottles in Columbia?

Coca Cola ice bottle

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