TOM-the Biike


TOM is a bicycle device that records riders’ biking activities, rewards riders’ with badges, and encourages riders to bike more in order to make the city more livable – less  pollution, less traffic, less fuel dependency, less noise, and less cost of infrastructure maintenance.


Instead of looking at the waste of humans or animals, we focused on the waste of cities, the pollution, noise, and lots of money spent on keeping it work.


Copenhagen, the capital of bicycle, ranked No.1 as the most livable city, impressed all of us with its people’s daily bicycle riding.


Researchers and cycling activists showed that the increased bicycle riding is related to less pollution, noise, and increased livability.  Some cities started their bike sharing programs to encourage its citizens and visitors to ride bicycles more.  However, not all of the programs work well and some of them did not survive.  How to encourage citizens to bike more stays a big question waiting to be solved.


By providing gamificative and monetary incentives, TOM motivates citizens to commute by bicycle to make cities more livable.

How It Works


3D Model




iphone 3 4


Electronics Arduino + GPS Shield (adafruit) + GPRS Shield (Seeed Studio)

arduino-boards-exploded-1 arduino-boards-exploded-2arduino-boards-exploded-3

arduino-shields-from-top assembled-tom

Visualized Data on Google Map 





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