Prototype Biike

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During our prototype experience we learned a lot about how our idea would actually function and how we would have to modify it in order to implement into the real world.  We had three ideas for a device which would help individual commuters within cities be psychologically motivated to bike more. One was a small device with a simple interface which attached to the bike. This would store the data (speed, acceleration, duration, altitude, gps tracking, ect)  internally on the device. Then, the user could uses their phone or computer to read out the information and track their progression. The second was very similar but, with a small LCD display which could give the date, time, and temperature, so that the user could get some information just by looking down. The last interface would have an LCD screen which could be completely interactive and display all the information the user would need.

After discussing these ideas and user testing them with the other groups, we decided to work on the first option and try to work towards the LCD display.

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