Assignment 2


Connected the RGB LED to the breadboard and Arduino. I was able to control how fast the different colored lights stayed on and when they changed. I learned about setting up the wires from looking at the schematics and how to program the Arduino. .


This was intended to be my prototype for a non-human interface inspired by our walk in the park. This was an LCD screen display for a dog to wear. It was designed to help pet owners better maintain the health of their pets. After a period of time, the LCD would read out different things to its owner, for example, “Feed Me” or “I Want To Go Outside”. The human could then use the button switch, to reset the timer and feed their pet. When the timer has been reset, it will read out more information the next time depending on the pets needs.

I learned that connecting the circuits was the second most difficult thing about this prototype. The first was actually getting Arduino to communicate and read out information onto the screen.

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