Day 2: Arduino


Yesterday I was fortunate to have my first time working with Arduino! As seen in the picture above, a lot of the work was concentrated on working with understanding the grid and how energy is transferred to each row through the bus lines [+ and -]. Once I was finally able to get the hang of the flow transfer, I started to use a switch to complete the circuit. One of the cool exercises was getting to use two switches to coordinate to close the system and complete the circuit.

two switches

By working with switches, I was inspired to use them in some way with my one day project.

Outdoor Observations

I teamed up with Gerry and share a common interest, ducks. We took our inspiration from the way the ducks communicated and explored different spaces and what seemed to bring them there.



My inspiration specifically was how do ducks know where to go if they have no map? What senses do they respond to and which senses of theirs are the most effective? I ultimately would do significant research on the topic of how ducks communicate.

In the future, I would like to learn more about Arduino in creating a visual interface [like an iPad] that could serve a classroom of students, kind of like a control board from the old Star Wars films!

Thanks for reading!

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