PROTOTYPE non-human centric design

Ants interact with each other to find a path, either for finding some food or a way to a save space.

I observed that they are moving around randomly when they are alone and do not have a leading path. This is also the way they explore the area. They touch different elements to evaluate if it is a danger or an objective.

_144 Jul. 17 05.34_144 Jul. 17 05.35

When they are in a group, they follow the same path, the one that was marked out before. That is interesting how do they communicate with each other. One way of communication is by movement. As the moves of a single ant are more rapid it become a signal of danger.

_143 Jul. 17 05.34 _142 Jul. 17 05.34

Different motion of the surrounding animate different bahaviour of single ant and a hole ants society. They don’t react with any light and sounds. Other way of communication between them is by leaving some recall or the memory of the path on the ground, so they could rate which way is the most attended and the most desired at the same time.

I started with generating different amounts of vibrations that will indicate a danger area for an ant. I will try to modify their path or dictate a totally new one by analysing their position and trying to keep them out from some areas.


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