Day 2: Arduino Experience

Although it is my very first time to get in touch with Arduino, it wasn’t too difficult to build circuits and programs on the microcontroller board, thanks to my previous experience in building electronic circuits on breadboards as well as programming. Here are some simple circuits I buit with Arduino —

#1 Blinking LED: DSCN3107

#2 Colour-changing LED: DSCN3108 (Achieved by switching the 3 light sources at different time)

#3 Switching LEDs using button: DSCN3109 (2 separate LEDs); DSCN3110 (Colour-changing LED)

#4 Potentiometer and servo-motor: DSCN3112 (Servo-motor action); DSCN3113 (Readings from potentiometer)

#5 Light sensor: DSCN3114


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