Interface #1: Pull-up bar

pull up bar

– The Pull up bar is an interface I saw being used by a local runner right before I stumbled upon it. I am a big fan of working out, especially in outdoor spaces. I have seen spaces like such in China, where the elderly did their morning stretching, warming up, and meditation/tai-chi in spaces filled with very simple poles and objects like this. This interface was very interesting because it allowed me to do pull-ups, a very good exercise for building upper body strength. The surface was strong enough to hold me, a man of more than 80 kgs. However, that’s not the only use that one can find for this bar. One could also use it for stretching as well using the lower section to stretch out one’s hamstrings, or other muscles. The best thing about the interface was that it’s firm build, as well as curved shape allow the user to decide it’s use for them. No instructions are needed because the bar is left to the user’s imagination to use it. It stands alone, being uniquely placed along a running path near Christiania. Being a physical object, it will not require constant upkeep or maintenance.


Interface #2: Table in Christiania



–               The second interface I interacted with was a picnic table in Christiania. When approaching the table, I saw there was some liquid of some sort on one side of it, and a lot of remnants of the last users stay [tobacco, trash, drawings on the table].

–               When we sat down, I first noticed the small drawings on the table. We began to commence rolling our blunt and I quickly thought of the wind that may blow some of our substance away. I love being outdoors, but sometimes I wish we could eliminate some elements, right?

–               The table itself was very simple. It had two benches on either side, and one large table in the center. Allow us to converse looking straight at each other. Later during on sitting, two men asked to sit next to us, which I gladly said was fine.

–               The table had many drawings. These drawings, as seen in the photo on the right, can help us understand how the user can use a space like a picnic table. The users here seem to have an interest in artistic creation. Putting their thoughts into drawings. I just wish I had a pen to participate as well! We used the interface simply for eating, putting our drinks down, and letting our body rest from the long walk to Christiania.

Interface #3: Earphone buttons

ear buds

The last interface of mine was my pair of earphones button interface. There are three buttons on the center section of my earbuds and they are used to control the volume and play/stop features of my iPhone without having to access my iPhone. Although most users may not use the interface, I enjoy using them when I’m listening to music in the dark. Without having to turn on the bright light of my iPhone when my roommate is sleeping, I can simply press a button to turn on shuffle and listen to a song. Or maybe I want to fast forward a song; all I have to do is press the center button twice and hold it. Very simple, almost like the days of the Discman. I enjoy pressing tangible buttons, or guitar strings. The tangible sense has a clear implication that you have interacted with a button through the way your pressure pushes down on an object. The interface was simple, but the more advanced features may require a little messing around, although instructions are not ‘needed’ to figure it out. Having a little background knowledge of music player interfaces, I felt comfortable using them. The interface is part digital/physical. Since the iPhone interface is all digital, the alternative earbud interface affords the user a physical interface to use.

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