Biomimetic Interfaces

Today my phone was giving me a lot of problems. I had to go to a couple of places looking for a sim card that was compatible with my phone. Apparently the sim cards in Copenhagen are a bit to thick. This one got jammed inside the slot. Usually it is very simple to just push one in and the push it in again to release it. Needless to say… This was a very unpleasant experience, but luckily I was able to pry it loose with a safety pin.

2013-07-16 01.51.59

While riding my bike home I interacted with many of the biking lights. They are just like normal traffic lights only these ones constantly are beeping and buzzing. These sounds signal when the lights are about to turn green and you can proceed through the intersection. As well as the noises, the lights also turn both red and yellow to signal the change to a green light.  These very helpful and very important, but can also be very annoying at times.

2013-07-16 02.13.17

This was my final interface which i interacted with tonight. When i got home I opened up a nice cold beer to relax with. It has a very convenient tab used to open the can’s mouth with. It may seem liks a very simple interface to interact with, but a lot of brilliant engineering went into it’s design. It made for quick and easy access to my beer and that couldnt gave made me any happier :)


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