Assignment 2 (Non-human Centric Design Excersize–Bicycle n Circuits Photos

1. Notes

5 bicycles are parked in CIID’s backyard.

photo 3


The tyre of the bicycle on the left is so deflated that the contact area has almost doubled.

The tyre of the bicycle on the right serves as a comparison.



photo 1


The cushion of one bicycle was very dirty and sticky.  I suspect that the owner hasn’t been riding it for a long time.


photo 2


Photos of people riding bicycles happily on the street.


photo 5


photo (3)


photo 4



I am a bicycle who likes to carry my owner around often, staying away from the rain and dirt, having enough air in my tyre, and looks cool!  My cushion touches human’s butt and my tyre touches the road.  Most of time I am only resting on the corner — Lonely Lonely Lonely. I go on strike when my tyre are too deflated.  I wanna see my owner and go out more often and I wanna be taken care of!


Copenhagen is the best place for bicycle riders — safe bicycle lanes, many other riders, relatively small city. I was surprised to find some bicycles were dirty, sticky, and not used for a while.

2. Point of view statements

a. Bicycles need to be rode often because that is what they are made for.

b. Bicycles’ tyre need to be inflated often because the change in my tyre’s shape will waste my owner’s energy so that I won’t travel as far as I want.

c. Bicycles need to be kept clean because they wanna be cool!

3. Plan–Point of View Two

Because there is no pressure sensor in our lab, I am going to use the electronic currents (analogy input) controlled by the potentiometer to mimic the change of pressure in the tyre.

—————-   Circuits Photos  ————-

photo 2 photo 3


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