Gabriella Levine

ongoing and past work


This shows a video with the effect I want using the mouse – as the mouse scrolls from left to right, the lion walks backwards away from you slowly, until he stops altogether. Then he begins to walk towards you until it gets too blurry to see.

This is a video of images of my mouse and rabbit. The mouse scrolling across the screen achieves the desired effect.

This video shows the circuit for the ultrasonic range finder. At first I was using face detection to determine the distance of the viewer but I decided to use an ultrasonic range finder instead. I think it is a little more accurate at far distances, and sometimes face detection wouldn’t detect me if I had glasses on.

Below, I show the code that I use

ICM midterm

Not what I was going for at all, but below are images from my video capture. Here is the code and the rest of the applet.
Here are some shots:

It’s a stable background, when you move about, you wipe away the background with a video of you, that fades away over time.

What I thought I wanted to work on is a fiery background with you as the water blob in the foreground. or something – or at least a manipulatable background.

For the final…


This is a snapshot of my processing HW. Similar to my last assignment but it allows you to look at a video through the a small lens (which is the mouse), and everywhere outside of that circle is a snapshot of the past, that eventually gets obscured by a sea of squares. Here’s the link to the sketch itself and the code.

Crazy combination of stuff for ICM

mouse over the image. This is a photograph I took while firefighting. It’s in Utah, last July.

playing with flocking, particles, and maybe vectors

i unfortunately did not pay enough attention to aesthetics or color. It’s rather ugly.


ICM HW for this week:

Processing sketch for ICM

Click on the image to see the full sketch.

Man <3 alien

Help this man find love (Click image to play). Bring him from his home sphere, to the moon, drop him off there, then pick up the man and alien and bring them to the correct sphere (which one is it???try them all!).
And do it before the moon crosses the galaxy and the night is over! or click to start again

ICM assignment #2 – What a weird sketch I made, it needs a lot of work, but it was fun to play around with booleans and objects.

This browser does not have a Java Plug-in.

Get the latest Java Plug-in here.

Source code: alien_loves_man_attempt

Built with Processing

ICM first HW

I experimented with colors, shapes, and the changer functions in my sketch