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Unreasonable at Sea day 74: Umshini Wam, preparing for Cape Town

Today we had a workshop on our pitches. We got some really good feedback. Cesar and I ended up redoing our slides. It is going to be epic. We composed an opera, not a slide deck…

We were also introduced to Ed Sobey who is going to act as our new mentor. He is the oceanography professor who can do 27+ pullups. He has written many books, “The way toys work” and 26 other books, and his life mantra is: Live Curious

Pitches, a workshop by Shawn Wright, from Microsoft Xbox Kinect Creative Director

1. name and co
2. driving idea – big vision, OLC – everything supports this (wholistic vision)
3. why do we need this? don’t get caught up in details; take audience on a journey –
4. how are we going to do this – yes, it’s possible i’ll show you how ; why is this important
7. Feature C: what is the magic, this is the KYEY difference between other things
8. GO BACK : to your holistic picture:
10. COMPETITION – why you are different; what is there opportunity in this space
12. WHAT WE NEED: what is your ask? what do you want them to walk away with – keep it clean and simple, what do YOU need to make it successful (the seinfeld effect – take it around to people, see how they react)
14. Questions

IMG_9013jpgsmfx IMG_9020jpgsmfx

In the evening, Moshe walked me through the website layout and we made a plan for the next couple days: write out the “transactions” that occur between the customer and client, and the entire web experience; in preparation for the next day to draw out a wireframe for the entire website. Cesar and I had a meeting with Bill from Dragon Innovations which was extremely helpful into the nuances and challenges we will have to deal with when it comes to manufacturing.

Then Cesar and I worked through a new slide deck, watched some Die Antwoorp do get into the mood for South Africa.



Umshini_Wam-1920×1080 from Hertoghe on Vimeo.

Die Antwoord. Fatty Boom Boom from renixarenixa on Vimeo.

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