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Unreasonable at Sea day 69: grant writing

In the morning we had a “deep dive” with the mentors and learning partners about Protei short term next steps, but we dove deep into some tough questions about the business models, long term goals, funding strategies etc.

deep dive financials and business model

Some topics: how to increase durability of platform; focus our efforts so it has social value; What apps do customers go after so we can support those businesses? What does it mean that Protei is technologically superior? Self righting, communication system doesn’t break, weather resistant / water proof. Lateral lift , act like a wing in the water

Where is the payload? sensors above water, sensors below water, sensors that need to be reeled in / pulled up
-application attributes: ie, surveillance: 6 m boat, line of sight, 2 tons of payload; 1m boat, sensors in a shoebox, sensors below water

-do you want to put your foot on the gas now or not? no. why wait? not for leverage but for conviction. And by the way, you can never take out the gamble.

-how to get to a robust product, how to target 1st user base; so that that first user base can help us lead to the next customer base, so that they eventually lead to the next customer, so that our involvement with those people help get to the next platform, to get to a more robust platform. And where do we get capital? around step three – leading to the next customer. If we undercapitalize too long, we might never get to where you are going. How can you be fastest to iterate? And then, how do you manage capital to make sure you have the greatest impact? Look internally for core tech, and Incentivize community: but how?
IE: mozilla – non profit significantly profitable organization, delivers a product that works to scale. It sounds open source : for poetry and pragmatic sake: The phoilosphy is open but everything important comes in house

how does this open strategy help you to : maintain focus, advance the product, get customers to lead to other customers? The business dev/ loop: helps ID applications and advance the technology. How does this help you do this better?

Also here is Daniel Epstein’s cool photo from Cesar and I getting on the ship in India and later getting rejected from bring our glue, epoxy, and resin on board.


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