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Unreasonable at Sea day 67: Neptune day

Neptune day Neptune day


Today was the day that the MV explorer crossed the equator. There is a festival that happens at 8 AM in the morning as we are crossing from the northern to the southern hemisphere. This is what happens:

Many people : 1 shaved their head, and 2. jumped into a pool of fish guts then kissed the fish. I dont know the history behind the tradition but I decided to do work during that time. So I caught up on some work while there were brown waters of fish guts floating around the seventh deck of the ship.

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Desmond Tutu and George Kembel getting a haircut:

Neptune day

The rest of the day I spent in room 5021 doing work, did some deck of cards in the evening, and that’s about all I remember. In the evening I hung out with the Badgers in Jesse’s room.

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