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Unreasonable at Sea day 66: Protei Business Model & Design Entrepreneurship Class Final

Business Model Protei

We had a 1 hour “deep dive” session on the Protei Business Model.


Design Entrepreneurship class final

We got the final projects from each of the three groups working with Protei.

Recap of the stories:



* joe is a college student on stumbleUpon reviewing the hot topics and sees a new post of He thinks, “how can this contribute to my marine biology skills? i know science and marine bio, it’s cool but i’m hesitant” So he watches the intro video. The whole point of the video is empowerment : failure doesn’t exist, even an avg joe can do it and use the technology. The problem for protei is that people are scared to buy it, it is a significant $ burden for students; everyone is capable but we want them to be inspired enough to actually purchase it.


* Jerry is passionate about enviro issues ; he is smart and curious individual; jerry learned about protei; and loved the idea about open source tech; it felt daunting that he couldn’t use it but then he learned through the website by clicking on “scientist” that you do not have to be a protei expert to use a protei boat; jerry gains knowledge and success.

The idea is that we can empower and approach someone by taking a different approach for each demographic – get students and scientists to design boats themselves and have easy to use tutorials to get students to buy a boat.

* [This seems quite lonely to me and I love tech the most when I work socially]


* A lonely fisherman, Carter, buys Protei for him and his grand-daughter; play and share: both old and young, parent and child – work together. What people invest in and what people enjoy. Together in a social collaborative activity they feel that they can change the world – build data add ons mapp the ocean. The intersection between the old and the new, with the feeling that they’re making the wold a little bit better – a combination of both – like


And we had another nice sunset again :)

Photo credit to Ben Gallagher

I worked out with Daniel and Evan pretty late, and we delved into the zip code system…a confidential game.

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