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Unreasonable at Sea days 27-31

DAY 27



In the morning we arrived: IMG_7098smfx

And we got off the ship and had about an hour to walk around Shanghai IMG_7110smfx

Funny street brooms: IMG_7104smfx

And I am continuing to measure radioactivity in Shanghai: IMG_7115smfx






Finally we arrived at Innovation Works:  IMG_7122smfx IMG_7123smfx

Once we got settled we got some food at a Sichuan restaurant: Totally greasy.

IMG_7130smfx IMG_7129smfxfunny toilets IMG_7205smfx

Then the event started: IMG_7133smfx. We each gave our 3 minute pitch:

Slides Protei Shanghai Innovation Center 3Feb2013 from Gabriella Levine

… then moved into the workshop. IMG_7143smfx with the media crew as active as ever  IMG_7145smfx  IMG_7150smfx IMG_7151smfx

We met David Li from the Shanghai Hackerspace.  I wish I would have been able to visit Xin Che Jian but we felt compelled to fly immediately to Shenzhen, as there was the New Year’s celebration starting pretty soon, which would prevent us from meeting with seeed Studios and other companies due to their closing early.


Then eventually we left, and head over to the afterparty. Shanghai is super bright: IMG_7165smfx and some stray cats IMG_7167_smfx I met up with Timmy and Lexie IMG_7171_sfx IMG_7172_smfx

Then Cesar and I head to the airport. We decided that we should take off the “safecast” names from our geiger counter, in case I got searched while in transport, and instead we should put on the name of a university. So that’s what we did.

IMG_7181smfx IMG_7183smfx

DAY 28


IMG_7191_smfx In the airplane, the radioactivity levels were pretty high: IMG_7195smfx

Funny airplane food: IMG_7194smfx

It was interesting to me to see a map with America all tiny on the right side, and Asia-centric visually. IMG_7196_smfx

Then we got to the airport and asked for directions to the part of Shenzhen where there are electronics. IMG_7202smfx

And we got directions to a hotel: IMG_7204smfx

Funny subway tokens: IMG_7206smfx And still measuring radioactivity on the subway

IMG_7210smfx IMG_7211_smfx IMG_7243smfx IMG_7216smfx



We went to the hotel then we head over to the Chaihuo hacker space and met Hao and his girlfriend.


He showed us his Mind controlled helicopter: IMG_7261smfx IMG_7262smfx

and a bunch of makerbot stuff IMG_7279smfx

We head back to the hotel:
IMG_7214smfx IMG_7287smfx IMG_7288smfx

DAY 29



First thing we head to SEEED Studios IMG_7296smfx

We met Leslie, Hao, and Violet. And had a big tour of the place. Here are all the parts: IMG_7309smfx

and some of the manufacturing of PCB’s IMG_7312smfx

And they are trying to make arduino more accessible to artists so made this funky arduino:

IMG_7319smfx IMG_7323smfx

and they’re developing some more robot-like stuff:

IMG_7344smfx IMG_7326smfx IMG_7331smfx

What we realized is that they can help us with the manufacturing and distribution of electronics (PCB’s, motor controllers, motors, sensors, communication), but the more mechanical parts of the robotics we will have to source elsewhere (mast – carbon fiber, hull – polycarbonate). Seeed Studios is one of my favorite open source hardware distributors and manufacturers. It is an honor to work with them.

We also see that if they are selling the car robot for about 160 USD, the electronics are quite similar to that of the boat’s (two dc motors with encoders). So, we have therefore lowered the price of Protei’s estimated retail value.

We went out to a really awesome Cantonese traditional restaurant for lunch. IMG_7333smfx

with lots of live fish: IMG_7334smfx

and a really big menu IMG_7337smfx IMG_7340smfx

We left and got some weird snacks that were a piece of wood or something IMG_7359smfx

All over china we saw tons of motorbikes IMG_7358smfx

We head to try to get to the water of Shenzhen, on the sea side. At first we got lost and instead found a crazy hotel

IMG_7361smfx IMG_7363smfx IMG_7367smfx





When we finally found the way to the beach, we grabbed some funny fruits. IMG_7382smfx

Then walked around on the beach IMG_7392smfx IMG_7393smfx
and we ate some beautiful and delicious fruit IMG_7395smfx IMG_7399smfx

And some DISGUSTING fruit although I’m not sure what it was. It was definitely pungent. IMG_7396smfx

As we left, it was evident that the entire city was decked out for New Year’s. IMG_7407smfx

We shared some street noodles IMG_7408smfx IMG_7411smfx

The city of Shenzhen is brightly lit and I love it. IMG_7420smfx


Back at the hotel, we did work and went for a funny midnight snack: IMG_7421smfx IMG_7423smfx IMG_7424smfx


DAY 30


The next morning we went to HAXLR8R to visit Cyril. It is a really cool hardware incubator program. They are helping companies develop their product in order to reach the market, manufacture, and distribute (and succeed). The super cool thing about them is how hands on they seem to be, with feedback directly related to the product design and production choices.

IMG_7434smfx IMG_7430smfx IMG_7431smfx



Then we went to the electronics market but unfortunately by then there were many shops that were closed for the new year’s.

So many funny copies of stuff: IMG_7443smfx

That day we spent some time in the electronics market, we bought a PC for Protei to use. We bought it in a 3 story giant shop that has probably 3000 computers for sale, every vendor competing for the customer. Bargaining is hugely useful. Anyway, then we head to Hong Kong, for a late dinner with Dawa Ma and Maquin & the family. It was an amazing house and really cool to be there. Then we all got makeovers.




IMG_7449smfx IMG_7453smfx IMG_7452smfx



DAY 31

HONG KONG mingling event & workshop

In the morning we took the train from Maquin’s into the downtown Hong Kong near the Harbor where our boat was parked, to the Hong Kong Marco Polo Hotel. We had a few minutes to grab some breakfast… at McDonald’s. I had heard that McD’s in China was a cool experience but is was mostly fancy and western and sort of gross.
IMG_7459smfx IMG_7458smfx

We had a 30 second pitch each, then spent about an hour mingling with local folks at the private room in the 6th floor restaurant in the Marco Polo Hotel, then we walked back to the ship for a on-ship workshop with Tom Chi on rapid prototyping. There were mostly students from Hong Kong high schools attending. IMG_7465smfx Amruth had the genius idea that we should all “switch” teams that we present. In other words, instead of presenting our own projects, we each pitched another company. Protei pitched Damascus Fortune. Solar Ear pitched Protei.

MovieProteiTendy – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.

Then Tom Chi got going: IMG_7473smfx. Eventually, we ended up breaking into groups of students and going through a rapid prototyping session.

What we came up with was a giant amusement park composed of a GIANT robot on the water of which people control individual segments to propel it forwards. IMG_7477smfx IMG_7476smfx



Finally we went out to dinner, led by Catlin and Scott from One Earth Designs. For the new years, Hong Kong was all lit up. IMG_7479smfx IMG_7481smfx We finally got to the building, and I was astonished at high UP the traffic of people spreads. In New York, things are spread horizontal. But here, they are spread vertically. People ride the elevators in each building to every floor, and the crowds continue. In New York, I’m used to office cubicles being stacked on top of the masses. Here it’s masses atop masses. IMG_7485smfx Riding up the elevators, we finally arrived. IMG_7486smfx

Afterwards, we head to the 47th (?) floor of a building to drink some drinks and overlook hong kong. IMG_7488smfx

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