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Unreasonable at Sea days 20-24



And in case we get lost: IMG_6421_fx We finally were ready and took a short nap IMG_6423smfx Then, we got off the boat, went through customs, and

met three guys who helped organize us and escort us to the pitch event: IMG_6428smfx And carried our stuff in a heavy sac (ie protei was protected in a sleeping bag):

IMG_6439smfx     We got onto the subway: IMG_6431smfx IMG_6436_ IMG_6434_

people have nice charms    IMG_6433_fx

All the toilets are very nice and they have massage areas:

IMG_6447smfx With optimizable settings: IMG_6448smfx




Finally we arrived at the event IMG_6440_ and were super hungry and hung out in a room and ate many treats before the event, but we also went for ramen:

IMG_6442_  IMG_6444_ IMG_6445_

here was the menu:  IMG_6446_ and the shops are full of crazy colors: IMG_6443_



Then the event started. Daniel introduced us: IMG_6464smfx Keynote speaker: IMG_6456smfx

The guy from Greenz: IMG_6461smfx George and his (surprise!) twin brother: IMG_6465smfx

Catlin went first: IMG_6467smfx And ended up winning the BIG PRIzE ( a stuffed penguin :) )




Here’s all our stuff that we were travelling with: IMG_6473smfx     Here’s dinner: IMG_6471__


We waited at the trainstation to meet Cesar’s cousins:IMG_6472_ IMG_6474smfx

IMG_6476smfx IMG_6477smfx

We went to his cousin’s house for gyoza party. I loved making gyozas by hand. so fun.



Then we stayed at a hotel: IMG_6478smfx Tokyo at night: IMG_6482smfx

Day 21:

safecast, Tokyo University, Akihabara, Flying Tokyo



In the morning at 7 we met Joe Moross at Safecast. MORE ABOUT PROTEI+SAFECAST and our trip to FUKUSHIMA, COMING __

IMG_6493smfx IMG_6494smfx IMG_6497smfx

Planning our trip to Fukushima: IMG_6501_  IMG_6498smfx

From their bike project:

MVI 6488 – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.


IMG_6486smfx IMG_6487smfx IMG_6485smfx


Two days later, we ended up following this journey trip from Fukushima to Kyoto, on unmapped terrain: Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 11.03.43 PM__

And tried to figure out how we could make an underwaterenclosure:

IMG_6491smfx IMG_6510smfx IMG_6509smfx

IMG_6511smfx IMG_6512smfx IMG_6514smfx


Joe gave us his wifi hub and it saved us: IMG_6515smfx

Biggest lesson: get one of these for travelling, & in each country get a sim card.


On the way to tokyo university we stopped at a small cafe to get some coffee and use the internet in order to prep some slides:

Look at how small the milk is: IMG_6519smfx

Some photos from Tokyo University and hanging out with Alvaro Cassinelli:

IMG_6521smfx IMG_6522_

on the way to Akihabara: !!!!

IMG_6527smfx IMG_6530smfx IMG_6552smfx

And you have to wait in a queue to get on the train it is so crazy neat and efficient IMG_6554smfx

But ladies have their own queue: IMG_6569smfx   it is also super clean IMG_6571smfx 

SO MANY ITEMS and electronics: IMG_6532smfx IMG_6533smfxIMG_6534smfx IMG_6535smfx IMG_6536smfx    

and awesome motor shafts and couplers~~~~!!!! I was amazed.

! IMG_6537smfx IMG_6538smfx   IMG_6539smfx


Checking out our goodies: IMG_6542smfx IMG_6544smfx

So many BOXES and containers!!  IMG_6547smfx weird: IMG_6548smfx


Then we went to FLYING TOKYO and presented PROTEI, with Zach Liebermann who presented his new projects.

Day 22:




IMG_6577smfx many many f palette boards, And robots~!! IMG_6578smfx

robot – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.


IMG_6585_ IMG_6584smfx

IMG_6589_  IMG_6592smfx

And so cool to use playstation r/c: IMG_6598smfx IMG_6600smfx

Super stackable: IMG_6602smfx IMG_6604smfx


IMG_6609smfx IMG_6610smfx IMG_6618_ IMG_6619smfx IMG_6620smfx IMG_6625_ IMG_6631smfx IMG_6637smfx IMG_6640smfx IMG_6647smfx

IMG_6641_ IMG_6642_

TOWER – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.

IMG_6654smfx IMG_6671smfx IMG_6673smfx


Then we went to hackerspace, grabbed some food in the grocery store, (fish on rice, funny fish snacks, and funny chips made of squid…), and went back to safeCast to get our sensors ready for the next day. Here’s a radioactive piece:

IMG_6675smfx       Here is the geiger counter we bought at akihabara: IMG_6677smfx

high voltage medcom geiger board IMG_6680smfx     We adapted some connectors: IMG_6684smfx

IMG_6686smfx     the kit: IMG_6687smfx IMG_6688smfx

the spool of wire: IMG_6689smfx     finding our way for the morning: IMG_6693smfx

Day 23:

Cesar prepped some radioactive cake IMG_6702smfx     And then we head off : IMG_6710smfx with the bgeigie kits on our cars. We almost crashed into the gate because the toll (EMT) card didnt work.   On the way north to fukushima: IMG_6713smfx     Instructions on everything even toilet paper: IMG_6716smfx     bathroom break: IMG_6718smfx    weird food: IMG_6719smfx

funny milk: IMG_6720smfx

two geiger counters on the window: IMG_6721smfx     yummy and crunchy: IMG_6722smfx     huh?   OK, so we finally pulled into fukushima: IMG_6727smfx     Then we stopped at the port side to do some testing:

IMG_6812smfx IMG_6800smfx IMG_6734smfx IMG_6735smfx IMG_6738smfx

Here’s our stuff: IMG_6740smfx IMG_6742smfx

Desolate: IMG_6739smfx   Some gross stuff floating in the dirty water: IMG_6744smfx IMG_6795smfx   And here is where we are testing the water: IMG_6815smfx

IMG_6796smfx   IMG_6751smfx IMG_6750smfx IMG_6755smfx IMG_6758smfx   thermal plant IMG_6762smfx   Setting up the stuff for testing: IMG_6763smfx IMG_6765smfx IMG_6766smfx   IMG_6770smfx   putting the geiger counter in the water: IMG_6772smfx IMG_6773smfx   IMG_6775smfx IMG_6776smfx     So after a successful test of the box then testing the geiger counter , and getting some exciting readings… IMG_6779smfx

Testing the boat: IMG_6780smfx IMG_6787smfx IMG_6797smfx

Here’s where we are:IMG_6798smfx     The authorities came: IMG_6790smfx

IMG_6806smfx IMG_6808smfx IMG_6715smfx     dont trip on the toilet: IMG_6717smfx IMG_6817smfx IMG_6814smfx

the power plant in the background: IMG_6818smfx IMG_6819smfx IMG_6821smfx IMG_6824smfx

Driving around Fukushima: IMG_6838smfx IMG_6854smfx IMG_6860smfx IMG_6859smfx IMG_6861smfx IMG_6863smfx IMG_6876smfx IMG_6878smfx IMG_6880smfx IMG_6881smfx IMG_6883smfx IMG_6889smfx IMG_6891smfx  IMG_6897smfx IMG_6900smfx IMG_6912smfx IMG_6907smfx

base camp: IMG_6918smfx IMG_6949smfx

fire truck IMG_6938smfx IMG_6923smfx IMG_6924smfx IMG_6933smfx IMG_6937smfx forbidden: IMG_6939smfx vending machines: IMG_6944smfx crazy coffee machine: IMG_6954smfx IMG_6956smfx IMG_6959smfx And oden: weird soup: IMG_6967smfx dirty mags IMG_6970smfx IMG_6971smfx


DAY 24




After driving all night, we arrived in Kyoto. I drove the last 80 KM and also in the city It was a bit jarring driving on the left side of the road for the first time :)

We pulled into the parking garage, and Joe showed us how to use the SafeCast interface: IMG_6983smfx. We unpacked the car: IMG_6984smfx IMG_6986smfx IMG_6987smfx

I love the markets here, so many colors: IMG_6991smfx After grabbing some food and treats, we hustled into Kyoto Institute of Technology. The professor who greeted us pointed out how dirty the car was. Radioactive dust from Fukushima heh.

We met with three professors. One works with hydrodynamics trying to optimize surfaces. He collaborated with a google manufacturer to optimize the surface. IMG_6996smfx IMG_7019smfx And the tank for particle imaging.

And a dolphin: IMG_7021smfx IMG_7016smfx

Here’s a dragonfly robot that flies. IMG_6996smfx IMG_7008smfx

And another engineer is modeling systems used for controlling lunar robots: a control system for a gentle and robust “arm”. IMG_7013smfx

Here is the famous tower in Kyoto: IMG_7027smfx And a famous temple: IMG_7029smfx And then we finally head back to Kobe, and left from the port.
Some cute stuff I love: IMG_6517smfx IMG_6555smfx funny fish: IMG_6567smfxHow to use the toilet: IMG_6977smfx Remember don’t stand on the toilet (see bottom center).

I tried to try every item: IMG_6573smfx even corn soup drink.


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