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Unreasonable at Sea day 44

On the way out to the pitch, after we had gotten through customs with equipment for testing, the r/c sailboat, etc, Laura told us that we had to return to the ship to work with the Press who wanted to film Protei.

So we put Protei in the pool. With Opflex



Finally we got outside and head to the INSEAD .

IMG_8025smfx IMG_8028smfx

Cesar and I pitched:



The questions we god from the 4 judges: What are your competitors? How much is your boat selling for?
–>Protei offers : affordability, replicability, and scalability compared to other ocean drones, such as Liquid Robotics. It is open-source, it is 200 times cheaper, and can carry more payload.

The “winner” of the pitch event (competition) as deemed by the judges was Aquaphytex. We got the award for being the best “social” platform. or something like that…

Then we head to the after party






<h1>La Pau Sat</h1>

And got some late night snacks
IMG_8046smfx IMG_8047smfx


<h1>the next day</h1>



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