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Unreasonable at Sea day 38

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Today was fun. It is nice to stay on ship, super empty and quiet. I caught up on a little bit of work, uploaded all the safecast data, took care of some other stuff, dealt with some of the legal / admin meetings for Protei Inc with NY .

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The most exciting: We rented a motorbike for us to travel with. WOO.

IMG_7741smfx the bike

We rode around just to get used to it first. It is super fun to drive. THen we went to the gallery where Truc-anh exhibits and we saw so many of his paintings.

We god some yummy pho then ended up getting lots of teas and we ate some expensive street squid (dried and grilled and dipped in sauce)
IMG_7752smfx tea in saigon IMG_7746smfx matt & truc-anh IMG_7744smfx ho chi minh

We parked our bikes in True-anh’s garage for the night




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