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Unreasonable at Sea day 36

I woke up, worked out, did some work, and then it started to feel as if we were approaching Vietnam. Here’s why:



Minh gave a small presentation on Vietnam and Cambodia IMG_7688_smfx citing Angelina Jolie as the new Cambodian citizen because of her generous gifts to the country and citizens there.

Then Cesar and I walked around the city in attempt to find:
1. cheap electronics
2. tee shirts (I’m running super low on clothing)
3. The shared workspace, called The Start Network

There are tons of motor bikes, packed with 3,4 and 5 people. Generally, the entire family.

IMG_7705smfx IMG_7694smfx

We went into a temple where there were many people who seemed to be praying and we lit some incense. IMG_7702smfx IMG_7700smfx

We took out 2 million Dong from the ATM, and felt rich. That’s about 100 USD? IMG_7712smfx

Cute items at the stores: IMG_7716smfx

And Cesar made a mistake of calling the MV Explorer SAS SHIP a BOAT which earns you 5 pushups. IMG_7718smfx
Cesar vs. Gabriella IMG_7720smfx

In the evening we went out into the insanely crowded center of city, and met some friends for dinner. Friends included Cesar’s friend from Paris, Trucanh, who is an artist, and coincidentally, Michel from V2_ , who we know from V2_ in Rotterdam summer 2011.

It is insanely crowded in the streets, and there are an insane amount of motor bikes. Basically, hold your breath and cross the street, and walk at a steady pace.
ANd, The entire city is super colorful

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