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Unreasonable at Sea day 33

Today we had workshop 15.  We were introduced to the new mentors on board, including Z Holly, an engineer and Tech Entrepreneur, Abi from Nike Foundation UK, Ken Banks from Frontline SMS, and Bernard, from Microsoft XBox Kinect.

Then we moved into our “huddle” teams, and discussed: how did you take advantage of our time in china, how was it beneficial? how will you iterate for Vietnam? What are the things that worked? What are the things that didn’t work? What are the new questions? What are the insights that were raised?

Our team huddle is composed of Daniel, Gurugi, EvoTech, and AquaPhytex.

Protei’s main goals for Vietnam include: stay near port in Ho Chi Minh, catch up on work. Here is our near future work expectations:

Due to the holidays in Vietnam, most everything will be closed, but if we could connect with manufacturers to learn the manufacturing landscape / price, scientists / environmentalists involved / knowledgeable about water related issues in Vietnam that would be helpful

Then we had the first book co-writing / brainstorming session with Tom Chi to produce a book all about him and his work, with the ultimate goal of helping others to the maximum potential.

Later that evening, a student from SAS who is good at making shapes out of balloons came by to Classroom one and started a balloon session.


DP – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.

From there a dance party started. Many students joined in.


From there, a kinect / xbox dance revolution dance-off began.


kinect – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.

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