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Unreasonable at Sea day 32

We awoke early in the morning for a Press Call in Tom Jelke’s office. It was Daniel, George, Protei, Gurugi, Tom from SAP, Bernard from Microsoft XBox and a few others facilitating it in the room, speaking to a bunch of press on the other side.


We head out in the morning to go to the Ladies Market which is a massive street of stalls and shops, selling many fake designer items and electronics.

In the subway station on the way were funny scultpures: IMG_7495smfx And when we got off, we got some giant citrus. IMG_7500smfx IMG_7501smfx After trying to eat it I realized it must be for cooking.

The fish markets are crazy – tons of fish that are writhing as they die. But the amazing thing is that the markets are full of live fish and shellfish. SO fresh. IMG_7505smfx For breakfast, We got some super super greasy food IMG_7508smfx

But since you can’t legally eat on the streets, and most people really don’t, we snuck up 8 stories to the roof of a building. IMG_7509smfx We struggled to get our giant citrus opened: IMG_7516smfx

We finally got to Ladies’ Market but it was too early for the stalls to open. IMG_7519smfx So we decided to kill an hour by getting funny massages IMG_7525smfx DSCN0512 IMG_7526smfx with cups.

After the funny massage, we got some Bubble Tea and Mango Juice. IMG_7531smfx IMG_7506smfx Finally the stalls opened: IMG_7499smfx

I bought a cheap but larger backpack at the “ladies market” where there are tons of fake stuff (clothing and other). Look at this “authentic” tag. the bag isn’t leather…

IMG_7532smfx  It’s such a bright city: IMG_7535smfx  I love that about hong Kong.

And Crazy markets: IMG_7536smfx

and alleys: IMG_7537smfx IMG_7538smfx



We visited SOW Asia which was really awesome. It is exciting that we would be able to pursue a partnership or a collaboration with them especially if we were interested in establishing Protei in southeast Asia. There were many good things that we have concluded about Hong Kong / Shenzhen area regarding potential to manufacture and work.



Then we took the ferry back to the ship …

IMG_7541smfx IMG_7547smfx IMG_7549smfx   IMG_7553_smfx IMG_7557_smfx

…but before we got on, we had a few spare moments so we visited the museum of art. There was a warhol show going on but we saw instead we saw an exhibit on the animals in china.

IMG_7552smfx IMG_7559smfx IMG_7558smfx

It seems they are obsessed with Snakes … super relevant – for Protei being a sea snake, and bringing in the year of the sea snake!!

IMG_7563smfx IMG_7564smfx IMG_7567_smfx IMG_7568smfx greetings, protei 2013 IMG_7571smfx



Here is one building disappearing into the clouds. I think this was the tallest building

IMG_7577_smfxIt’s a busy porIMG_7578_smfx


When we got back on port I put the geiger counter sensing data outside IMG_7575smfx IMG_7573smfx in the corner.



Tonight is the Chinese New Year’s eve. As we head out at 20:00, the lights from the city light up and there is a laser light show lighting up the entire city. Each building has a fully lit facade and many buildings have lasers blasting from the roofs. It reminded me of Ars Electronica when the entire city turned into a laser light show. Except way cooler. And less tacky. The city lights of Hong Kong are amazing.

IMG_7587_smfx IMG_7590_smfx IMG_7588_smfx

IMG_7587_smfx IMG_7579_smfx

And there are many buildings with totally lit up facades that are like big screens of tons of LED’s. It’s pretty awesome.

towerHK – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo



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