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Unreasonable at Sea day 6

Design Class 1:
Just use oil spill as the initial pitch:
Draft 1:
CESAR: intro
Protei is an unmanned sailing robot designed to study and preserve the ocean.

GABY: oil spill
During the 2010 BP oil spill, the coastlines were destroyed and people living near the coast were devasted. But the real tragedy was that they were helpless to aid in the relief because people didn’t know what to do and were restricted from entering the problem area. Current methods for cleaning the oil spill used repurposed fishing vessels dragging oil absorbant booms. They only collected 3% of materials, they were hazardous to the fishermen’s health, and they were very expensive to operate.

CESAR: technology
We are developing a new technology of a flexible hull sailing robot, called Protei. Protei is cheap to develop, uses renewable energy, fast to build, unmanned, and can be operated during a storm.

GABY: community
And, we are making its designs available to the public online so that global communities can take a hands on approach towards oil spill relief to solve marine disasters.

CESAR: Open Hardware
open source hardware means publish designs for other to use, modify, and distribute, ask that they credit us and share back with the community

-develop product and develop a business

—>1 minute pitch: Who in this room helped clean up the BP oil spill in the gulf of mexico?
How many of you wish you knew how to help?
Right now we are in the middle of the ocean passing through millions of tons of plastic trash. Why aren’t we collecting any of it?
Next week we will approach the radioactive waters of japan.
–We are developing autonomous open source drones to clean up and explore the ocean.
Our boats have neither a centerboard nor a rudder. Instead, the whole boat changes shape to pull scientific and clean up equipment. The ocean covers more than 70% of our planet and is the future of our transport, security, communication, energy, and food. Protei is an open source technology. We are interested in hearing what YOU would do if you could remotely control a fleet of our sailing drones any time, anywhere.

VID00007 – Wi-Fi from gabriella levine on Vimeo.

–.Class time with George and Daniel:
Einstein : the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Design thinking: –>Finding the problems worth solving is just as important as finding the solutions
1. learn how you can work globally with real companies in the world
2. learn new innovation methodology, in a collaborative experimental way

–>Tom Chi from Google X : how to structure innovation quickly a small group: two methods for rapid ideation with a group;
So: for us with the students: we take 5 minutes to recap our technology;
5 minutes to write to yourself about ideas
30 seconds each to share ideas
10 minutes to collaborate

–>The ideas of students: Transport, energy, research, fishing, imagery, video games (recreational) , justice, general oceanography
–people liked quite a bit the challenge thing – like Heifer int’l, adopt a boat . that is an interesting idea for sure

We went to the roof of the deck to practice in front of a camera a few more times so that we had some footage of us doing it. Then we worked more on the website.
–>meeting with Deirdre from the Xbox microsoft team

–Town hall: where we write about our feelings about the program, have a big debrief about the past week
–>focus on a personal transformation – that is a lasting change; lifelong practice

many people’s feelings are they want a little bit more time for their own work in big chunks of time



And then the dance party started…

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