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Unreasonable at Sea day 5

Super rocky evening

Here’s morning:
Here’s some images of the ship

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Morning workshop
George starts:
The power of Story: how to be a story teller
–>everyone is a designer, designing any type of business is a creative act of innovation

How to tell a story: not just being a good story teller but being a good story finder

3 stations of story telling :
Daniel: sticky stories
Hunter: scenario planning (multiple stories of your possible futures)
George: platform tilt

1. Hunter
Everything that you are being told is someone’s story (some of them or right and some are wrong)
-environmental forces can pose critical uncertainties: what is it that you don’t know that will affect your business: ie, nature of economy, competition.
-from that you build the scenario logics, the implications of the scenarios, and the early indicators

and then iterate…

–>critical uncertainties developed for the oil industry – (dutch shell): NAME THE STORY
GOOGLE: SHELL SCENARIOS and get copies of their global scenarios. public openly.
-what kind of world are we doing business in; what is the focal issue for you? what is it you really care about?
-and what is your story each month in the headline of the nytimes

–>What are we uncertain about? The economy
Economy high—–Low
Traditional —— Change Oriented

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.38.21 AM

-driver of change – sustainability imperative
If you can list out these drivers, they will be true;
-“ABUNDANCE” book,by founder of singularity university
-what don’t we know ? what don’t we know we don’t know? The Black Swan – a surprise you haven’t heard of: low probability, high impact events, these are accelerating and will determine the future – therefore scenario planning is the only way to do planning; predictions are wrong
mediocristan and extremistan : mediocristan: predictions work if things go on as they are; since the 1950s; in extremist an all bets are off;
-when you have build a strategy there in the uncertainty section, that is successful; but if you redefine what matters if it doesn’t, that is bad; so ITERATE, and look for early indicators; if none of these stories match reality then do it again;
-we have just done the rudiments of a set of scenarios

the bottom line: use costs well; treat people well – work harder, more productive in traditional productivity measures; lower cost of attracting and retaining (HR costs change) -how do you reliably track worker productivity to give businesses different value based on sustainability

2. George: platform tilt
This is house people think, and this is the way people listen – give them the hook that allows the m to listen for a second more

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.56.29 AM

Storytelling: a story is a human driven narrative

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.58.37 AM

-build up and release: user, need; but the bigger build up and release leads to a bigger build up and surprise – and then you’ve earned attention for longer.
Can you set up a bigger set of expectations?
-ie welcome to stanford – show people why it’s known of the center of innovation, then surprise them with … but it’s not about design and it’s not a school; its the most interdisciplinary place on campus; but there are conflicts and …who is your audience

—>Coastal residents living near the site of Fukushima wonder if their home is contaminated. They look to TEPCO for the radioactivity contaminating the air. Tepco is funded by the government and in close ally with the nuclear power industry in Japan. They say it is safe. But there are no boats traveling along the shore. Residents want a way, ON THEIR OWN, to take a hands on approach to learning about the contaminating radioactivity in their homeland. Protei would allow local residents to take a hands on approach to measuring radioactivity along the coast lines. Protei would make it not only easy to deploy data collecting boats embedded with geiger counters, but also fun and a learning experience. Residents would feel more of a sense of independence to take control over their own safety, rather than looking to industry to feed them answers.
–> hmmmm … where is the hook?
look for the “tilt and climax”
I guess I didn’t do a good enough job : set you up to empathize then turn to villain – set up nice story, want to believe the good, but not doing a lot of good. or reverse: as long as you have a character, there is a lot of villainness you can observe to still be a person
-your insight is in contrast to others expectations
-surprise, bring along the journey, in an honest way allows you to be more open




sticky stories
the book “made to stick” investigates why some ideas die and others travel around the world – how an idea can spread around the world and not lose its original meaning
-think of Telephone game – things change; but some proverbs and sayings that stick
-story is: a guy finishes a hard day of work and goes to a bar; at the end of it is a woman in a dress red – too scared to sit down next to her but then she walks over to him and asks for a drink – next thing he knows he wakes up in a bathtub and is bloody and then sees on the bathroom mirror “you’r kidney has been taken call 911”

capital murder lawyer – never lost a case – in texas – the key to being a capital case attorney, trial lawyer: you have to convince the jury that this person is guilty or not; the KEY is ONLY to share ONE reason why that person is guilty
–we struggle with this – we share EVERYTHING that is awesome about the technology – 30 sec pitch – boil it down to one point that is most important – the goal is not to tell them everything but get them interested , care, and remember, and ask about more
-MASTERS of exclusion
2. Unexpectedness: we must VIOLATE other people’s expectations –
— make it COUNTERINTUITIVE – the data speaks for itself – deaths by sharks are 6 per year but everyone’s terrified because of an incredible story – jaws
-put out data but still people are killing sharks
-but bambi is more deadly than great whites : bambi sticks, not a number (500 deaths by deers in us, 1 by shark every two years)
-what drove them in the 60’s to get people to the moon is one singular goal (get to the moon)
3. CONCRETENESS: NOT a mission statement – a woman spread a rumor around the world, a mom concerned about halloween; but parents were concerned that kids were going out and taking candy from strangers – a mom spread a rumor that people were putting razorblades in apples – it wasn’t true – so concrete ,tangible and tactile
4. CREDIBILITY – it doesn’t come from numbers – it does with an investor and he needs concrete outcomes before give you money – but telling someone about an idea – numbers suck – how do you get credibility without data – jfk – run against nixon: could have said a lot of numbers –
but instead: ask yourself a question – are you better off today thn you were four years ago – vote accordingly.
personal resonance, rather than from data;
5. NEED TO BE EMOTIONAL – the problems you’re solving are about what people desperately care about – the WHY is your most powerful tool – that’s what typically sticks most
-American health org – movie theater – butter / popcorn coco oil
-when you think about the importance – story telling is important, it will change policy, make your idea go viral – people will care about it –
6. storytelling
ACRONYM – success
simplicity, unexpected, concrete, credibilty, emotional, stories

sell product, tell the story of the company
Tomorrow: in front of 200 students
say what you do, and what do you want to explore with them, what you need help with – surround you, leverage a group to help you workshop that challenge
-rapid ideation and problem solving

-hwo do you expose the needs you have as a company and that you need; What are your strengths and what are you interested in helping with;

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 12.16.08 PM

Cesar & Gaby – Website development for Protei on Magento

One on One with George:

Evening chat with Deirdre
–How does a company approach a company as large as microsoft?
dont avoid working with a company because you have a certain perception?
-look for the right department, identify the need, reach out to them
-any advice about collaboration with xbox


More web dev. with Cesar til sleep
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