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Unreasonable at Sea day 11

We will be stopping in honolulu at 12:00 just to refuel the boat, but Cesar and I have been trying desperately to make SURE that our prototypes get onto the ship.

Debrief tomorrow about Hawaii: but tonight is a big night. The Union will be filled with 400 people: this is your chance to tell the entire ship what you do and why you do it. Slides automatically change in real time. 6 mins and 40 secs, 20 slides, 20 secs each

–>Story: any one of those models can be told in a story telling way.

Some hints:
SIMPLE as possible slides: no more than 3 words
NO bullet points
symbols or quick slides (i.e. a relationship : kissing kids)
if you quote somebody: just get a picture of somebody, not the real quote
-Doesn’t have to be really accurate (ie the highlander institute that isn’t really the highlander institute)

Founder of Ignite giving an ignite talk about how to give an ignite talk (youtube).

–>Now: 1 hour to storyboard
-work on what you want people to remember; think of each slide as a newspaper headlining
-Encourage audience to cheer and be a part of that experience (supportive room)

hints: you can put two of the same slides on two slides :) (hack the system)
practice first, then build the material

Some of our notes:

Then some presentations:

And finally ours:

photo (3)
Which felt like it went quite well;

After the presentation:
we got a number of students who came up to us to try to help out. it was neat. We pulled out all of our garbage trash: IMG_6275smfx



I’m starting to notice a tan:

And then we had another great dance party in the lounge. It is interesting that we end up in these circle dance parties where One person is in the center and everyone is on the periphery. We even did the train in a circle a few times. heh.

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