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RWET Performance: The Human Repeater

Lost in translation and Urgency.

The Human Baud Repeater

My wish is to be inside a pixel.
I also want to translate ascii to baudot.
I also want to translate nonverbal communication into code.

The earliest standard character encoding to facilitate the transmission of data (basic text messages)
baudot – (1870, Emile Baudot, International Telegraph Alphatbet 1)
-a bit ironic to use because as soon as ascii was invented (which sent 7 or 8 bits per character) a keyboard was more suited than a five key system (similar to a piano keyboard).
-transmitters typed at 30 words per minute
-radio based teleprinters, 20th C
-US Army (1940s), weather transmission, Western Union teletype

A character set, to represent each character in the alphabet as a series of 5 bits, with a shift symbol to represent capitals/special characters, and control characters characters (carriage returns and linefeeds). It is made to transmit information over radio signal or telegraph tower.

Baudot keyboard:

perforated copy of the message on tape

Baud rate:
number of symbol changes made to the transmission medium per second (measured in symbols/second)

Carriage return 00100
Line feed 11011
Shift to figures 11111
Shift to letters 00010

ASCII: 1963 – 7 bit encoding scheme

human relay / repeater:
Swan Lake repeater, Winema NF