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ferrofluidic motor syringe

continuing with the ferrofluid idea:

so my servos are strong enough to push syringes with liquid:

I got inspired by a radial engine:

and was going to start off by building a piston:

But I have a bunch of servos, so I decided to model some sort of an improvised two-cylinder piston that takes in fluid and spits it back out, that is modelled after MakerBot’s Unicorn Pen plotter – An elbow pushes back and forth laterally

I think that I am going to do some 3d moving model using ferrofluid, perhaps using the data that Genevieve and I are collecting about solar / temperature data

So, using the makerBot wiki, I got a pattern to cut the pieces for the mechanism: I cut it in both masonite and clear plexi (I assume the plexiglass is stronger but I preferred the transparent aesthetic, so I’ll try it!)….

now, to get some nuts and bolts…

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