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HW RWET: until I figure out to do what I was trying to do…

(extracting all the words that are used in a newspaper article and in a few emails that are only in the OED as of this year, to sort of see who uses “new” words and where they are most prevalent)

I took a story that I really love, from my friend, and got rid of all the vowels. It is just as readable, and I can read it faster now. I might do this before doing any readings for class from now on:

The code was super simple:
#code to take out the vowels:
import sys

for letter in sys.stdin:
letter = letter.replace(“a”, “”)
letter = letter.replace(“e”, “”)
letter = letter.replace(“i”, “”)
letter = letter.replace(“i”, “”)
letter = letter.replace(“u”, “”)

print letter

And some of the story is here:

My gn pg s Amrcn. It mght b fnny to thnk bot t tht wy bt h lvs n cg n Amrc, whch s n my hos, whch s lso n Amrc. In ordr from smllst to lrgst, my gn pg’s world looks lk ths: cg, bdroom, hos, strt, town, stt, Amrc, North Amrc, world, Mlky Wy, nvrs. So h s ctzn of Msschstts nd ctzn of th nvrs, bt bng n Amrcn s th mddl pont of hs prsonl dntty.

Whn popl mt my gn pg thy rfr to hm s Mr. Fostr ntl thy gt to know hm. At crtn pont, whch I dtrmn, thy cn cll hm Pl. If h poops n yor hnd t conts s knowng hm. If h ps n yor hnd (nd yo forgot to pt th towl down), tht conts s knowng hm, too. Yo cold forgt th towl vn thogh th stck s rght thr by th cg, nd popl sy ll th tm, Hllry, pt th towl down, jst sprd t ot, t’s sy. Th p fls wrm t frst bt thn cold nd stcky, nd t cn vn mk yo cry. Not fll-on cry, bt yor ys mght brn. If yo go to th ktchn to gt strng chs nd my gn pg hrs yo nd strts sqkng lk fr lrm for lprchns, nd thn nstd of strng chs yo opn th crspr nd gt hndfl of kl, nd tk th kl to Mr. Fostr, wll I’d consdr tht knowng hm too nd yo cold cll hm Pl.

I’m stndng n front of my whol forth grd clss, nd I’m tllng vryon ll bot ths stff. It’s my trn to do prsntton on On Kd’s Lf Lvn’ In Amrc nd How Tht Kd Gts By. I don’t know f tht’s th tr nm of th ssgnmnt, bt t’s nr nogh to t.

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