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FECPW – What I want to built (class 1)d

I have already started this using Processing, but I’d like to build a this as a dynamic site, possibly using googlemaps:
A map of the US, showing car pool requests:
Something that ends up looking like this (Ben Fry’s zipdecode map of zip codes is a nice template)

benFry zipdecode

And it’d be able to zoom:

benFry zipdecode

And it will look something, really roughly, like Linked In’s InMap to visualize your links as a network diagram. (In other words, it will have two dots, and a line connecting them. For starters…

benFry zipdecode

For starters, I’d like to create a wiki, for something, maybe carpool requests, that takes people’s current address and adds it correctly to a google map or some other map interface, and shows it nicely :

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